Building consultancy

Get it right.  And get it right from the start.

Our expert Building Surveyor offers a range of building consultancy services for both landlords and tenants including (but not exclusively):

Our building consultancy offerings, coupled with our project co-ordination services give our clients the advantage of having access to a complete refurbishment and maintenance service all with one provider, ensuring everything is run smoothly and cohesively.

For further information please contact our Horsham office here.

  • Project co-ordination

    About to acquire a property?

    At moving in stage?

    Need small or wide scale refurbishment?

    Allow us to guide you through the process to secure a result which exceeds your expectations.  Whether you’ve owned or occupied a building for decades or you’re new to the scene, issuing tenders, commissioning works and managing contractors is undoubtedly time-consuming, taking you away from what you do best.

    Take advantage of our years of experience and extensive regional knowledge by allowing us to assist you with your project co-ordination requirements.

    We are well versed in dealing with works required following a Schedule of Dilapidation served to tenants on lease expiry.

    When it comes to co-ordinating projects we believe in no time-wasting, no corner-cutting and no compromise to get you the best possible and most cost-effective results.

    To speak to a member of our project co-ordination team contact us here.

  • Building surveys

    Building surveys

    Keep surprises for parties

    There’s no doubt about it – whether you’re a seasoned investor/business owner or this is your first foray into the world of property investment, acquiring a new premises can bring its fair share of worries.

    A building survey provided by an experienced chartered surveyor provides you with much-needed peace of mind prior to your acquisition.  It can mean the difference between a secure, rosy future and stumbling blindly into the unknown.

    Our building surveys will highlight any issues which may need further consideration, giving you a clear and full picture of the state of the property.  The survey could also provide you with vital information when it comes to the negotiation stage of the purchase.

    For all enquiries and bookings of our building surveys please contact us.

  • Condition surveys

    Photographic Schedule of Condition

    Protecting your rights

    A condition survey is a photographic record of the physical condition of a property at one point in time.  It is usually undertaken at the beginning of a lease, clearly showing any changes (or indeed no changes) to the condition of the property over the duration of a lease.

    The benefit to the client is a clear and honest representation of the property's state of repair at the start of the lease.  This can offer tenants a vital and cost-effective way of protecting themselves against ongoing and end of term repair liabilities. 

    Our condition surveys have helped many of our tenant clients save considerable sums of money.  To find out how you could also benefit from this service please contact us.

  • Dilapidations

    Keeping it shipshape and Bristol fashion

    Ensuring your premises are well looked after is imperative to us.  Our clients – tenants and landlords alike - trust us to manage their properties, not only when it comes to co-ordinating projects and collecting rents, but also where property repairs are concerned.

    The term ‘dilapidations’ refers to a tenanted property where its repairs and decorative condition are addressed in the repair clauses of the tenancy.  Almost all leases require the tenant to maintain the property in part or in full, and in order to make sure this happens, our professional experts take on the job of tenant liaison and property inspection.

    When you’re a landlord and have worked hard to acquire a property, or a tenant who goes to great lengths to look after it, it’s worth investing in experts who respect your investment as much as you do.  Contact us today to find out more.

  • Party wall surveys

    Divide and conquer

    We regularly provide expert advice to businesses and private property owners throughout the South East and beyond on all issues regarding Party Wall notices and awards.

    To talk to one of our in-house experts on the subject of Party Walls contact us today.