Town Centre Project Management

One of the largest project management instructions undertaken by our Building Surveyor Hazel Sudworth was the overseeing of the complete renovation of the former Tanfield Garage site in Guildford Road, Horsham into a thriving, bustling small retail park. What had been an eyesore for many years has become home to a Co-op local store, Horsham Matters (a local fund-raising charity shop, already in situ) and Splash, a hand car-washing operation.

Over the course of two years, Hazel oversaw the removal of the forecourt canopy, which instantly improved the site and opened up the area, the transformation of the old garage workshop area into a modern retail area, and the reworking of the site frontage to provide space for the car-washing business, plenty of parking space, and a safe entrance and exit.  

The new Tanfield Centre has rapidly become a community hub with the Co-op proving popular with local residents and commuters on their way to and from work, and Horsham Matters providing a huge range of second-hand goods which are extremely in demand with savvy shoppers. Splash is also proving successful, with motorists keen to keep their cars looking pristine.  

Although stressful at times, Hazel is able to take pride in contributing to the appearance of one of the major roads into Horsham which has led to the creation of new jobs at the Co-op store and turning a wasted redundant space into something which is now productive and successful. 

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